Divorce law in Minnesota is constantly evolving.  This is because of changes to the law made by the Minnesota legislature, and because of decisions made by Minnesota divorce judges and the appellate courts.

Generally, “alimony” and “spousal maintenance” mean the same thing.  In Minnesota, “alimony” is called “spousal maintenance.”  States that use the term “alimony” often have slightly different approaches to the issue.  The law regarding Minnesota spousal maintenance has evolved.  Currently, the Courts (and mediators and evaluators) first consider the reasonable needs of the spouse seeking spousal maintenance, and their ability to meet those reasonable needs through their own income.  If there is a shortfall, then the Courts consider the ability of the other spouse to meet their own needs while contributing to the needs of their spouse.

Each spouse’s monthly budget is an important consideration, as is the amount of their respective incomes.  The Courts often look at other factors, too.  But this is after it is first shown that the spouse seeking spousal maintenance has budgetary needs that cannot be met by that spouse’s own earning ability.  If you are concerned about spousal maintenance, you should call me (divorce attorney Dan Fiskum) to set up a free initial consultation.

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