Who will get the children?
Will you get your fair share?
What about your financial survival?

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Will the property division be fair?
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Attorney Dan Fiskum provides Clarity and Guidance


  • Did you know that the outcome of a divorce is often determined in the early stages of the proceeding?

  • Did you know that the court appoints experts to evaluate your situation and make recommendations?

  • Did you know that in divorce court the best "story" often wins?
Divorce can be a minefield. Even an amicable divorce brings significant change and challenges. For a successful outcome and a secure future you need an attorney who has skill, experience, and moxie.

Divorce in Minnesota has changed. Now, parties and their attorneys have meetings with decision makers appointed by the judge. These decision makers make recommendations that are very important, even if your case is settled without a trial. From day one, it is crucial that your facts and legal arguments are communicated with clarity and precision. Attorney Dan Fiskum will work closely with you to plan pre-divorce strategy, to settle your case fairly, and to present your most effective and compelling case in court, if necessary.

Attorney Dan Fiskum has practiced divorce and family law in Minnesota since 1992. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Law and has been named a "Super Lawyer" by the Minnesota Journal of Law and Politics. He is a member of the Family Law sections of the American Bar Association and the Minnesota State Bar Association.


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