Most people hire a divorce lawyer just once in their lifetimes and it can be difficult to know who the “right” lawyer is. The right lawyer for you should be both skilled and cost effective. Whether he or she is in a downtown law office with fifty other lawyers and high overhead does not mean very much.

A contested divorce proceeding is like a poker game. Surviving a contested divorce requires a successful strategy. When working with a new client, Dan Fiskum takes time to fully identify the client’s goals. Then he works with the client to develop the most effective strategy to achieve these goals. This strategy varies, depending upon the client’s wishes, the client’s age, gender, and role in the marriage, the ages and needs of the client’s children, the length of the marriage, the marital financial picture and many other factors. The quality of the client’s future life usually hangs in the balance and Dan Fiskum uses his knowledge and experience to ensure that the client’s future life is protected at every stage of the process.

My law practice is a boutique practice. By choice, I limit my practice to Minnesota family law issues — divorce, child custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, spousal maintenance or alimony, and division of property.

I went to law school to become a divorce attorney. I tooled up for divorce work while in law school by taking advanced seminars in divorce negotiations, trial practice and litigation. For me, helping real people with real problems has always been interesting and fulfilling.

I have extensive knowledge of Minnesota divorce law. I graduated from the University Of Minnesota School Of Law, which is one of the top twenty law schools in the United States. I have been named a Super Lawyer by the Minnesota Journal of Law and Politics.

I have exceptional interpersonal skills. I once worked in consultative sales and I understand how people make decisions. Whether my client and I are appearing before a judge, a family court referee, a mediator, or an early neutral evaluator, I advocate the client’s position and goals authentically, emphasizing facts that matter to the decision maker. These are not necessarily the typical facts that people might expect, because there is much nuance to the decision making process.

I do not do this alone. In my office I have two paralegals and a receptionist. But over the twenty-five years that I have practiced law in Minnesota, I have established a network of experienced psychologists, forensic accountants, and investigators who become immediately available to my client if necessary. Fortunately, most clients do not need this level of input in their divorce case, but when they do it is readily available.

I make a commitment to my clients. Whenever possible, I answer my own telephone, including after-hours. My telephone number is (952) 270-7700. If you have an after-hours emergency, and if you call me and leave a message stating that it is an emergency, I will call you back at the earliest possible time.

These are some of the things that make me unique. If you would like to know more, please call me at (952) 270-7700 to schedule an in-person divorce case analysis.