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Update from divorce attorney Dan Fiskum and Minnetonka Family Law, P.A.

Covid-19 and its aftermath has left lasting changes in Minnesota divorce cases.  Many types of hearings that were formerly conducted in person are now conducted via Zoom.  This can be convenient, and it saves time going back and forth from the courthouse.  But it can make it more difficult to effectively present a case.  This is especially true if the hearing involves witness testimony and cross-examination.

Currently, there is no uniformity between Minnesota counties regarding what kinds of hearings are held by Zoom and what kind are held in person.  And, often within specific Minnesota counties, hearings are either held by Zoom or in person based on the decision of the judicial officer.

It is fair to say that most contested Minnesota divorce and custody hearings are now held in person.  Hearings that are of a more routine nature, for example, the Initial Case Management Conference, continue to be held via Zoom.

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