If you are a father who is seeking custody of your children, or equal parenting time, etc., you need to know the following ten things:

1. The names of your children’s school teachers;
2. The names of your children’s doctors;
3. The names of your children’s best friends;
4. The names of your children’s pets;
5. Your children’s favorite TV shows;
6. Your children’s clothes and shoe sizes;
7. Your children’s favorite toys;
8. Your children’s favorite, healthy foods;
9. Your children’s on-line, Internet activity;
10. Effective methods of discipline that do not involve physical punishment.

A lot of divorcing fathers do not pay attention to this information. Then, when it comes time to attended a Social Early Neutral Evaluation meeting, or mediation, or a deposition, when asked these questions they look like they are out of touch with the real needs and situation of their children. This will sink their claim for joint physical custody and equal parenting time faster than a torpedo.

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