Divorce Planning

Most people who are contemplating divorce have a "plan" of some sort. Most of these plans are not very good. Let's face it. If you are visiting the Fiskum Law website, you are probably going to get divorced. If you are going to get divorced, you need to carefully position yourself. This is necessary even if you and your spouse have an agreement. It is absolutely essential if you do not have an agreement.

Fiskum Law's strategic divorce advocacy employs skillful pre-planning for the divorce proceeding before it actually begins. A person who is expecting a divorce in the future should plan for it now. Regardless of whether you and your spouse will ultimately agree or disagree about custody, parenting time, or financial issues, there are many steps you should take immediately, steps that will improve your position when the divorce proceeding starts. Failure to take these steps can be costly.

Most Minnesota divorce cases are settled out of court. But, achieving a fair outcome very often depends on how one is positioned before the divorce proceeding starts. Strategic divorce advocacy is about using the right planning and positioning methods now, to a achieve a better outcome later.