Divorce Advocacy

I am often asked about mediation and how to achieve negotiated, amicable settlements. I believe in working very hard to settle cases. Settling a case without going to trial gives certain amount of control over the outcome. But my years of experience as a divorce lawyer have taught me that you cannot settle a case fairly unless you bargain from a position of strength.

I have developed an approach I call "Strategic Divorce Advocacy." It works in negotiations, and, when necessary, it works at trial. Through strategic planning, troubleshooting, creative bargaining and dynamic positioning, I can often obtain an objective that might not have been predicted.

I am part general, part diplomat and part public relations expert. I protect my clients and their future. I do this in negotiations and I do this at trial. From the very beginning, I present my client's case in a way that is powerful, meaningful and memorable. This is the most important thing I do.